From hands to phone to face: is your mobile phone giving you acne or breakouts?

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Bacteria on your phone’s surface, like the bacteria on your skin, reflect the world around you.

Not only does your phone pick up what’s already on your hands (82% of the most common bacteria found on fingers are also found on personal phones), but also everywhere else your phone has been including kitchen or bathroom counters, handbags, pockets, other peoples’ hands and faces and the ground.

Most of these bacteria are harmless, but prolonged exposure to them (caused by pressing your cheek and chin against your phone), can exacerbate acne by allowing bacteria to get into your pores. Holding your phone against your cheek traps oil in the pores, which can lead to deep acne cysts.

Having a clean phone, like having clean hands, will support your skin care routine. Here are a few easy tips to keeping your phone cleaner:

  • Get your phone off your face. Use earphones or speaker or simply text where you can. The less often a phone touches your face, the better.
  • Clean your face. If you’ve been on a call for over 10 minutes, wash your face with a gentle cleanser or use facial wipes, which are easy to keep on you
  • Clean your phone regularly using sanitiser or antibacterial wipes




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