To Moisturise or Not to Moisturise??

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Moisturise!!! Moisturing is important.  We get many questions on whether moisturisers should only be us

ed on dry skin; and this is not the case.  Moisturing should be part of your daily skincare routine along with cleansing (body and face).  The ideal time to moisturise is after you have cleansed your skin.  However can over-moisturising be detrimental to your skin? 
Our skin has oil (sebum) producing glands to naturally lubricate and hydrate the skin.  Two of the most common reasons for dry skin are: 
- Dehydration – insufficient water in the body to hydrate the skin  and/or 
- Naturally Dry Skin – loss of water from skin cells due to exposure to environmental damages/chemicals/pollutants etc. which in turn damages the cells and can cause an imbalance in natural oil production 
So coming back to the question, “Is it detrimental to over moisturise?” 
Dr.Obagi (Dermatologist to the stars) supports the theory that most moisturisers generally form a barrier on the skin to prevent the loss of moisture.  Frequent moisturising sends signals to the skin cells to stop producing oils to create natural hydration (as the hydration is being achieved through an outside source).  This reduction in natural hydration and oil production can cause skin cell damage, further dryness and contribute to premature aging of the skin.  His advice is to use products high in antioxidants that penetrate the skin and work at a cellular level to improve skin tone and texture. 
We agree with this approach and this research was part of the inspiration for our Earth and Body range.  Our creams are high in antioxidants and easily absorbed.  The ingredients work with the skin, to ensure the right moisture balance is achieved, without leaving a greasy outer layer. 
Research completed by the University of Copenhagen confirmed that the skin barrier function could be adversely affected by the over use of moisturisers. The study showed that water loss was significantly higher on the arm treated with a moisturise. 
The key is to stick to the age old mantra “everything in moderation”.  Our skin is genetically designed to retain moisture and remain hydrated.  W
e should moisturise to aid our bodies with this natural process and make it more effective. However over moisturising, on the other hand, can alter this natural process leading to dry skin. 
If you are prone to dry skin, make sure you understand the factors contributing to this, which may include (but not limited to): 
- over-washing with harsh chemicals
- not enough daily fluid intake
- environmental conditions 
Two messages: 
1. Our cream helps with the body’s natural moisturising mechanism 
2. Do not over moisturise

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